"The Most Powerful TV Ads in the Country"

Extraordinary Spokespeople

Our unique understanding of successful law firm marketing has helped build and
expand many of the largest and most profitable law firms in the country. Custom filmed and powerful, our turnkey trial program puts you in the driver’s seat quickly, without long-term risk or investment.

Game-Changing Results

Communicate the superiority of your firm.

A powerful, affordable, market-dominating solution to declining intakes and increasing competition: broadcast, cable, streaming and web commercials that actually break through the clutter. Our campaigns achieve the immeasurable. Available markets are limited.

Custom Filmed For Your Firm Market Exclusive

Whether it’s a stand alone campaign or an addition to your existing campaign - these ads produce extraordinary results. MORE CASES. BETTER CASES.

Power Media Placement

Media buying with a track record of delivering results efficiently, affordably & predictably.

  • Our experienced staff leverages decades of unparalleled expertise in negotiating and strategically placing media at lowered costs.
  • Volume relationships with the nation’s top media companies maximize your ROI and profitability. This saves our law firms up to 50% on media costs.

Firms that trust our deep media buying experience and expertise are rewarded by the tremendous call volume our strategic approach generates. We invest heavily in the industry’s most advanced media research and deploy proprietary buying strategies because our category-busting TV commercials are most effective when aired strategically.

TV’s Judge Mathis

Emmy Award Winning Host of the popular daytime show “Judge Mathis.” Leverage his years of experience and popularity to deliver instant credibility and prestige for your firm.


Imagine the power. Internationally recognized, multiple Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor and iconic superstar. William Shatner’s riveting performances produce unprecedented call volume in markets all around the country. This is an extraordinary opportunity for your firm and your market.

TV's Judge Joe Brown

Voted one of “America’s most trusted people”, TV’s Judge Joe Brown, Emmy Award nominee and one of the most recognizable personalities on television as your spokesperson. Leverage his multi-ethnic appeal and large viewership to produce quality calls directly from your target audiences.

Matt Walton

Confident. Charismatic. Convincing. Credible. Matt “The Case Magnet” Walton is all of these and more. When people think of winning lawyers on TV and in the movies, Matt fits the bill. His persuasive delivery and leading man appearance can give you the edge you need in generating profound response.


Eric Pierpoint

Compelling. Riveting. Astounding results. “Outstanding delivery and unprecedented results.” Well-respected TV and film veteran, Eric Pierpoint teams his powerful persona with Market Master-Legal’s precision branding for some of the nation’s most successful law firms! Compelling, results-driven commercials deliver an unforgettable and irresistible message to injured victims.


High Recall Toll-Free Numbers

Use your already branded phone number or our highly memorable legal 800 numbers routed directly to your office.

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