Most lawyer ads ignore the most important thing: the victim

There isn't a television station in the country that doesn't run TV ads from attorneys. But with all this seeming variety and volume of spots, nearly every one makes the very same mistake. If legal advertising isn't carefully and systematically formulated to break through to the mindset of the injury victim, it's just a bunch of pretty pictures. With immediately recognizable spokespeople, emotionally charged dramatizations, and clear calls to action, Market Masters-Legal's ads for attorneys not only break through to consumers, but they break down the barriers to make people call your law firm right away.

The best ads are brand ads - even for lawyers

You may not have thought that the kinds of brand ads that you might see for cars or clothes would relate to advertising that promotes your law firm. And in some ways that's true: your clients are dealing with much bigger problems than deciding what to wear. However, our experience developing high-impact lawyer advertising has proven to us that the fundamental trust and acceptance that leading brands enjoy is crucial to getting injury victims to contact you. Behind the force of "the most powerful ads in the country," your firm will become the most trusted and recognized. And that's what will make the phones ring off the hook.

Great advertising is only as strong as its reach

No other attorney marketing service can produce TV ads with the power and recognition as spots created by Market Masters-Legal. But even the best ads won't provide your firm with results if the media buying approach is flawed or misguided. Most lawyers just trust the stations to tell them when to run their commercials. That's great - for the stations. Our attorney licensees have their media investment carefully monitored and implemented to generate maximum results from their advertising.

Advertising that's relevant to your market & easy to act on

When we create a new advertising campaign for our attorney clients, we always take the time to examine trends that affect them: their competition, the demographics, the media landscape, and on and on. From our decades of experience creating ads that personal injury victims respond to, we know just how to find the types of cases your law firm is looking for. Market Masters-Legal ads always "close the loop" by making it easy for victims to know just how to reach you with their legal matter.

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