A website that works with your TV ads is unbeatable

When injury victims perform an online search for an attorney, will they see a name they recognize? Will they see a lawyer online that they associate with their everyday, real-world lives because of television exposure? Will their search for a lawyer website bring them to a legal brand that they recognize and trust, a firm that has been reaching them with messages that resonate with their emotions and their experience?

That's what happens to our licensees who rely on us for both their ads and website. And what happens next is that they get the best cases.

Getting cases from your website requires a powerful legal brand

The high visibility and desirability of your law firm's name will not only make your search results better but our proprietary search strategies complete the package for unbeatable dominance in your market. The attorney marketing insights that make our TV ads so powerful also power our successful websites: our decades of experience have shown us how to bring the right message forward so that injury victims will respond. That's why our lawyer websites deliver cases when most other web companies only deliver invoices.

Your website should be part of an integrated, managed online campaign

Many attorneys have spent thousands and thousands of dollars using a piecemeal approach to online legal marketing. They put some money into pay-per-click, some money into generating online videos, some money into creating social media content - usually with little or nothing in the way of new cases to show for it! Market Masters-Legal will not only create a powerfully branded attorney website, but will also integrate wider-reaching online marketing to the effort. Our expert team works continually to adapt and adjust to the fluid situation inherent to online marketing - your law firm will never be caught by surprise or left behind when a new trend emerges.

Put proven insights to work in your law firm's website

While we retain the most technically advanced search engine analysis and web development team, there is a lot more than technology behind a successful attorney website. Market Masters-Legal licensees get more cases from their websites than their competitors because their entire campaign - from the front-facing advertising to the back-end administration - is built around legal consumer insights we have been cultivating for more than two decades.

Take the impact we give you on the TV screen onto the "second screen" that injury victims use to search for answers - sign up for a Market Masters Legal website today.

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