A track record of producing results - efficiently

If you or someone from your staff tries to manage the process of media buying, you are playing right into the hands of the television stations. You are the expert in your field; even though media buying is a negotiation, attorneys often are led astray and purchase airtime that simply will not result in new cases. For decades, Market Masters-Legal has been dealing with TV stations in markets all across the country - nobody can pull the wool over our eyes with complex ratings or viewership data. Lawyers who trust our expertise are rewarded by the tremendous call volume our media placement generates.

Why our campaigns work better

Another reason that we incorporate media buying as part of our service to licensee attorneys is that our industry-leading TV commercials are most effective when aired strategically, unlike generic non-branded ads. The phenomenal audience impact that our instantly recognizable spokespeople make when our ads start to air can enable us to get more from every airing. It will feel to audiences in your market that you're on every station all the time, but you will know the reality that instead you simply have the best television commercials running in the most strategic time slots.

Pinpoint media targeting, low rates

Market Masters-Legal clients benefit from our team of highly trained, experienced and skilled media buyers, who are armed with the best research and technology available. This gives us a tremendous edge when negotiating rates and added value with television stations. We proudly achieve millions of dollars of savings for our licensees each year. This often more than offsets annual license fees for the creation, production and use of the TV campaigns.

Our media buying services are part of what makes our campaigns a complete package. If you are ready to take complete control of your market, call us today.


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