More than television itself, victims' emotional response is what gives ads power

When an attorney goes on TV and talks only about himself or herself, that person will not be remembered when an accident victim wants help. For a television commercial to be effective for a lawyer, it has to penetrate and it has to be pertinent - by relating to the way injury victims think and feel.

Giving your law firm a face on the TV screen

Market Masters-Legal licensees are known and trusted as leaders in their market because regular people can relate to the household names of our television spokespeople. Most folks don't know a lawyer, but they all know celebrities. Once your firm is associated with the larger-than-life figures in our ads, your phone will start ringing with people actively seeking you out as the personal injury attorney they know and trust.

Legal commercials that work fast

When we say our TV ads for lawyers work fast, we mean that two different ways. First, we mean that you will start to see results right away. (We are so sure of it, we have a special short term trial offer.) If you are feeling pressure to reverse competitive difficulties in your market, a Market Masters-Legal television campaign is like a magic bullet.

Second, we also mean that our ads make a fast impact on the opinions and preferences of television viewers in your market. We have decades of experience creating lawyer commercials - our spots are carefully crafted to resonate with victims' emotions, to make your firm's name the star, and to give viewers a clear path to take action by contacting you.

The biggest TV impression = the most powerful law firm

One of the best features of a Market Masters-LegalĀ ad campaign is that it works equally well for firms who are already dominant but want to hold off the field, or for up-and-coming attorneys who are looking to turn the tables on the big boys. By making a striking emotional impression, by incorporating iconic spokespeople and compelling drama, by utilizing expert media buying tactics, and by turning your firm name into a brand name, our TV commercials make lawyers into market leaders.

Why delay becoming the firm with the most powerful television ads? Call us now.

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