The power to control your market 

Once you secure a license, no other firm in your TV market will be able to use your spokesperson. Cut through the clutter and be heard above the noise - with unmistakable recall and results. There's a reason we have unrivaled licensee retention rate in market after market across the country, many of whom have gone on to license additional markets over the past two decades.

Build Your Brand - The face-to-face impact of our memorable spokespeople will make a genuine connection with audiences in your market, making your firm the most trusted and most widely recognized law firm name.

Integrated & Managed Campaigns - We take care of all the details so that you can focus on the incredible case volume our programs generate. When the need arises for additional elements to push you over the top, we are ready to step in with a website, billboards, or other ways to leverage your TV ad.

Maximum Media Value - Not only do our commercials deliver "more bang for the buck" when they air, but we also bring expertise and resources to the media buying process to ensure that your investment delivers optimal value and that stations live up to their contract to the letter.

Results - There's a reason our ads are known as "the most powerful commercials on TV." Once you go on the airwaves with our campaign, you will see a significantly elevated number of new cases. We are so confident in this outcome, we offer a special short-term trial so you can see for yourself.

Pick up the phone right now and call us - it might be the phone call that starts a whole new direction forward for your law firm.

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